PrincetonKIDS, LLC is a media corporation dedicated to providing useful information for greater Princeton area families, to keep parents in the know and kids on the go!  It was created out of a desire to supply information to parents looking to enhance their children’s lives.  As a mother, I understand the desire to enrich your children’s daily lives with fun, educational activities and the reality of not always having the free time to constantly research a variety of sources.  Where to go for kids music lessons, library story time, the best local parks, and where to hold a birthday party are important facets of family life. Whether via this website, the bi-annual On the go! Guide or convenient weekly emails detailing the events in the area, I hope to become your one-stop-shop for “all things kids” in the greater Princeton area.

Together with my team and family, I hope to keep you “in the know and kids on the go!”